Top Marijuana Stocks

Top Marijuana Stocks

Canopy Growth is one of the largest marijuana producers in the world. With Canada legalizing marijuana this summer, Canada in its own right could become the largest producer of marijuana. Canopy Growth is now listed on the NYSE.



Canopy Growth was started in 2014. They produce 33% of the medical marijuana in Canada. Canada has 270 000 registered medical marijuana patients and this summer marijuana will become legal across the country for both medical purposes and recreational.



Canopy Growth was started by Bruce Linton, now CEO of canopy growth. Canopy Growth is so successful because it takes care of all phases of the process. They grow the marijuana, process it and package it. By doing this Canopy Growth cuts out the middleman and is able to supply, a high-quality product, at a very competitive cost.

Canopy Marijuana consists of different companies including the designer marijuana company Tweed and Vert Medical which allows Canopy Growth to expand into the French market in Canada. For those who might not be aware Canada is a bilingual country. Both French and English are the official languages.



Canada has allowed medical marijuana since the year 2000. This summer of 2018 marijuana will become legalized across the country. It is speculated that Canada’s marijuana market will surpass the liquor market in the year 2020. This will be 7 billion dollar industry. Liquor in Canada at the present spends 5 billion on alcohol sales.

In the United States, several states allow medical marijuana and some states also allow recreation marijuana. Still, federally marijuana is illegal.

With Canopy Growth already trading on the stock exchanges in Canada adding the United States in their trading portfolio may lead domination of a large portion of the market. Canopy Growth is doing very well, is not going anywhere and is here to stay.




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